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 Aashiyana Hotel
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Aashiyana Hotel

Rishi Road, Kalimpong, Kalimpong, Ấn Độ, 734301 - TRÊN BẢN ĐỒ
  • Đưa đón sân bay

  • Wifi miễn phí cho mọi phòng

  • Dọn phòng hằng ngày

  • Rút tiền mặt

  • nhận/trả phòng nhanh

Đáng giá tiền6,0
Cách trung tâm6 Km
Đánh giá vị trí5,5

Phòng còn trống tại Aashiyana Hotel

Phòng Deluxe  (Deluxe )
Phòng Deluxe (Deluxe )
  • Diện tích phòng: 55 m²/592 ...
  • Hướng phòng: Núi
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Deluxe Double Room
Deluxe Double Room
  • Diện tích phòng: 46 m²/495 ...
  • Ban công/sân hiên
  • 1 giường King
Nhập ngày để xem giá phòng
Standard Double Room
Standard Double Room
  • Diện tích phòng: 37 m²/398 ...
  • vào Executive Lounge
  • 1 giường King
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Phòng Super Tiêu chuẩn (Super Standard)
Phòng Super Tiêu chuẩn (Super Standard)
  • Diện tích phòng: 45 m²/484 ...
  • Hướng phòng: Núi
  • 1 giường đơn và 1 giường đô...
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Tìm hiểu thêm về Aashiyana Hotel

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Độ sạch sẽ5,5
Tiện nghi4,0
Vị trí5,5
Dịch vụ4,0
Đáng giá tiền6,0
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7-8 Rất Tốt (1)
6-7 Tốt (1)
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Tháng 12 - Tháng 2 (2)
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rohini từ Ấn Độ
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Phòng Deluxe
Đã ở 2 đêm vào Tháng Ba 2019

Horrible experience,very dirty entry ,non-vegetarian smell all over the place ,worst hospitality,”

My worst ever experience, will surely not book with Agoda again ever ....you rated Agoda as new hotel with all good facilities,have you visited the place before rating??? Such horrible entry ,under-construction site, how can any one say with horrible smell all over, and worst part was you have taken money from my card without my consent as I was clear to pay at the hotel, and since I have cancelled the stay ,which I did call your customer care executive and he did not solve my issues and full payment for 2days is taken ,I strongly believe if you have understood the issues with the hotel you will payback my amount. It's sad that we believed in Agoda

Đã nhận xét vào 24 Tháng Ba 2019

Dear Guest Hotel Aashiyan is one of the best travellers ranked budget hotel in kalimpong. We are handling guest from all over the world and whole India but we have no idea how to handle a guest like you who is a liar. How is it possible to swap your credit card? Best Regards Joydeb Ghosh (9434512991)

Đã phản hồi 16 Tháng Tư 2019
Aashiyana Hotel
Tuyệt vời
Anshuman từ Ấn Độ
Gia đình có em bé
Phòng Deluxe
Đã ở 2 đêm vào Tháng Hai 2019

Rất tốt”

the hotel is quite good!! with good food & beautiful rooms. but i experienced problem with power fluctuation & water shortage also.

Đã nhận xét vào 06 Tháng Ba 2019

Thank you for your review. I am very happy that the staff was welcoming and accommodating and that you enjoyed good food and beautiful room. However, I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with power fluctuation and water shortage. This has been communicated to the concerned staff. Best regards Joydeb (9434512991)

Đã phản hồi 25 Tháng Ba 2019
Aashiyana Hotel
Hài Lòng
Pranav từ Ấn Độ
Gia đình có trẻ em
Phòng Super Tiêu chuẩn
Đã ở 1 đêm vào Tháng Giêng 2019

Excellent Room, Needs improvement in facilities and room service”

1. Rooms are big and well ventilated with a view of the entire valley below, and mountains ahead. 2. Facilities such as toilet soap, towels etc are not provided and we had to keep asking them regularly before they provided with one towel for two persons. 3. TV channels are very less, as they have chosen the least expensive pack. 4. The staff tries to help, but they are highly untrained, and confused most of the times. Result - we had to keep asking again and again. 5. Cleanliness is poor, and the garbage of previous occupants was not cleared. 6. We had electricity issue in one room, but the staff was cordial enough to give us a bigger room at no extra cost. 7. Newspapers are not provided as mentioned in your site, and wifi is not available in the rooms. Please correct these misleading facts.

Đã nhận xét vào 23 Tháng Hai 2019

We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with such candid feedback of your stay. Iam very sorry to hear that your stay did not meet expectations. Please email us with a phone number or email address so our Hotel Manager can discuss your issues personally

Đã phản hồi 05 Tháng Ba 2019
Aashiyana Hotel
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Aashiyana Hotel
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