Featured photo-Reykjavic-architecture in Iceland

The capital city of Reykjavik hosts the cream of the crop of architecture in Iceland, and more fascinating landmarks are dotted across the entire country. Lucky for travelers, Iceland is easy to navigate, and many off-the-beaten-path icons are just a short drive from Reykjavik. Touring some of the most unique architecture in Iceland allows tourists to appreciate native craftsmanship, learn about local resources and see the rugged landscape of this beautiful island-country.

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Featured photos-hotels with black and white themes

While the thought of 50 shades of grey can spark holiday plans, these black and white theme hotels are guaranteed to bring travel fantasies to life! Guests who cherish clean designs as well as comfort can count on calculated décor – as well as crisp sheets! – in any of these themed hotels in some of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Itineraries for Rome, Singapore or London might include lots of twists and turns, but everything guests need to know about these accommodations is written in black and white.

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Featured photo-cruise ship on Nile River-attractions in Egypt

Plan an adventure down the Nile River, and discover some of the richest attractions in Egypt. Loaded with some of the best historic landmarks in the world, Egypt possesses an old-world charm like no other place on the planet. Plan an easy itinerary from north to south with stops along the Nile that include The Great Pyramid of Giza, the magnificent city of Luxor and the ancient village of Abu Simbel. Remember, though, Egypt attractions go way beyond Cairo and the banks of the Nile! Serious adventurers will want to explore the Red Sea Coast and venture west to Siwa Oasis, a lush village in the desert that you have to see to believe!

AGODA EXTRA: Egypt is a backpacker’s paradise with everyday access to cheap hotels, transportation and restaurants. The country also guarantees a choice of luxury accommodations for first-class travelers. No matter where travelers roam, Agoda offers great selections on cheap hotels and 5-star resorts, and now offers flights to Egypt as well!
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Featured photo-back bar-speakeasy

Speakeasy bars are associated most often with American history and culture due to their rise in popularity during the U.S.’s prohibition years, but technically, an Australian newspaper coined the phrase “speakeasy” as early as 1837, and the British were using the phrase “speak softly shop” years before that. It really doesn’t matter where the phrase “speakeasy” originated, so long as there are still a few around, right? And Europe is one of the best places to find speakeasies that stick to the hush-hush traditions of hidden doorways, secret passwords, and most importantly, knock-your-socks-off cocktails!

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Featured photo-pumpkin patches

Craving a fall family adventure but stumped for ideas? Pumpkin spice and everything nice, that’s what these 8 holiday ideas are made of! Whether you’re planning to carve a jack-o-lantern for Halloween or a bake a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, these awesome pumpkin patches are the place to be. Plan a fall family adventure in the US, Canada or the UK and get ready for hay rides, corn mazes and more family activities (and pumpkins) than you can count!

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Featured photo-Stockholm City Hall-Swedish architecture-Sweden

Studies have shown that viewing groovy architecture can improve a person’s health, so planning a trip to see Swedish architecture should be on everyone’s wellness list! It’s no wonder the Swedes are known as some of the happiest people on earth: Sweden is notorious for its quirky buildings, massive complexes and intricately-designed religious sites. Travelers who explore Malmo in the south to the Swedish Lapland in the north – and of course, Stockholm, in between – will discover Swedish architecture that includes a sauna made of scrap metal, churches fit for royalty and a cemetery that makes guests feel welcome.

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Featured photo-beer taps at bar-best beer destinations

Whether you consider yourself a beer expert, cicerone or just a simple beer lover, downing a pint (or two) at one of the best beer destinations in the world should be in your travel plans. Sip on Belgium beer during brewery tours in Brussels, or sign up for the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. Some cities are best known for their unique craft beers, while others pride themselves on longstanding traditions. Discover six beer destinations that feature unique tastes and attractions for beer lovers everywhere!

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Featured photo-Bordeaux-France-Tuscany-Italy-vineyard-wine tasting tours

Some of the best wine tasting tours in the world include scenic walks through vineyards, grape-stomping experiences, and of course, sampling wine! Learn how to properly appreciate Chianti while touring a castle in Tuscany, or pour a glass of Bordeaux in a château in France. Wine is a beautiful thing and so are the regions in which it is grown, so pop the cork, and make a toast to your next (or first) wine tasting tour!

AGODA EXTRA: Wine can be made from a variety of grape species and fruits, but the most commonly used grape is Vitis vinifera. On average, a cluster contains 75 grapes, and that’s about what it takes to produce one glass of wine. One grape vine, consequently, produces about 10 bottles of wine, and a vineyard with 400 vines will harvest about five tons (10,000 pounds) of grapes each growing season. Cheers!
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Hiking in Peru-Featured photo-Machu Picchu-Rainbow Mountain

From easy treks through Colca Canyon to advanced climbs in Choquequirao, hiking in Peru is a backpacker’s delight. Peru packs a punch in all things adventure, including ancient structures, eye-catching scenery and tasty food. Explore some of the world’s most mysterious landmarks at Machu Picchu, or plan an off-the-beaten-path excursion to the Peruvian Amazon in Iquitos. Advanced hikes are plentiful, and hikes for beginners in Peru can be found at most of these top attractions, making a trip to South America’s western wonder a must-do!

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Nas Daily Goes to Bangkok


Why I love Bangkok – by Nas Daily

SAWADEE or “Hello” in Thai are likely the first words you’ll hear when you land in Bangkok! This city is the most visited in the world for a reason: Good hospitality, good food, good prices! That’s why out of all the cities in the world, this was where I took my Mom!

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