Agoda Announced as Official Online Travel Partner of Bangkok Pride

Digital travel platform Agoda will be the Official Online Travel Partner of Bangkok Pride. The partnership was announced by both Bangkok Pride and Agoda ahead of June, the upcoming international pride month. This year’s edition of Bangkok Pride, including the annual parade, will take place on Saturday 1 June.

As part of the partnership, Bangkok Pride will also become an official Agoda affiliate partner. This means that any traveler looking to support Bangkok Pride can use a special link to book holiday accommodations globally. A percentage of every booking goes to Bangkok Pride, allowing the organization to further expand the growing international appeal of Thailand’s biggest LGBTQIA+ event.

Bookings to support Bangkok Pride can be made via this link.

Waaddao Ann Chumaporn, Bangkok Pride, shared “We know Agoda to be a strong supporter of Thailand’s LGBTQIA+ community, so we’re incredibly happy to announce Agoda as Bangkok Pride’s Official Online Travel Partner. With last year’s edition, Bangkok Pride has proven its potential to be one of the most popular Pride events in Asia. We’re confident that with Agoda’s support the reputation of Bangkok Pride can grow even further.”

Omri Morgenshtern, Chief Executive Officer at Agoda, shared “Last year’s Bangkok Pride event left me deeply impressed. It was amazing to see massive crowds come out to celebrate diversity. We wanted to do more this year as Agoda, so in addition to supporting our LGBTQIA+ colleagues and allies internally through our Pride employee group, among other initiatives, we’re proud to partner with Bangkok Pride as their Official Online Travel Partner.”

After a successful post-pandemic reboot in 2022, Bangkok Pride grew significantly in 2023, drawing record crowds and featuring on-stage appearances by famous artists and policy makers.  The 2024 edition will be held on Saturday 1 June and consists of educational, cultural, and festive events, including the annual parade. Agoda will be one of the official participants of the parade.