Agoda employs search data insights to expand marketing offer with new ‘Top Stays Anywhere’ landing pages for accommodations partners

Leveraging the power of popular searches, digital travel platform Agoda has expanded its partner marketing portfolio and is providing a new way for hotel and accommodation partners to reach consumers through a series of dedicated landing pages to innovatively match with some of travelers’ top themed searches.

Utilizing these data insights, Agoda launches the initiative, called ‘Top stays Anywhere’ in Thailand with sixteen distinct themes that resonate with travelers’ preferences. These themes include a variety of options across travel budgets and traveler interests, including private islands, seaside villas, beach cabanas, family-friendly and pet-friendly accommodations, with each dedicated page offering a carefully selected list of accommodations by Agoda’s specialist teams. This tailored approach enhances the trip-planning process, delivering a customized experience directly to the doorstep of ready-to-travel consumers and an opportunity for hoteliers and accommodation providers to reach travelers with intent.

Pierre Honne, Senior Country Director for Thailand at Agoda said “Often travelers are looking for very specific types of holiday experiences, so we curated these landing pages to quickly allow travelers with high intent to travel to connect with properties that excel in delivering those experiences, whether that’s pet friendly spots or rooftop hotels in Bangkok.  For partners, it’s an additional way that Agoda is supporting their ambitions to grow their business and optimize their inventory.”

Agoda’s initiative typifies the company’s data-driven approach to supporting its partners to attract more business, harnessing the intel from today’s customer travel search behaviors.

“The initiative not only aligns with travelers’ specific preferences but also opens up new avenues for hotels and accommodation providers to increase their visibility among potential customers. The thematic landing pages act as a bridge, connecting properties with consumers who have a demonstrated interest in particular experiences. With Agoda at the forefront, leveraging robust search analytics, hotels are well-positioned to capitalize on up-to-the-minute travel trends and stay competitive in a dynamic market landscape.’, Pierre added.

Hotel partners can find out more about this initiative via their Agoda Account Manager.

Agoda is launching the Thematic pages with the following URLs.

  1. Private islands – agoda.com/privateislandth
  2. Seaside villas – agoda.com/seasidevillas
  3. Beach cabanas – agoda.com/beachcabanas
  4. Family beach villas – agoda.com/familybeachvillas
  5. Budget friendly beach – agoda.com/budgetfriendlybeach
  6. Hill tribe village – agoda.com/hilltribevillageth
  7. Traditional guest house – agoda.com/traditionalguesthouseth
  8. Historic Chiang Mai – agoda.com/historicchiangmai
  9. Boutique hotels Bangkok – agoda.com/boutiquehotelsbangkok
  10. Service apartments Bangkok – agoda.com/servicedapartmentsbangkok
  11. Bangkok rooftop hotels – agoda.com/bangkokrooftophotels
  12. Romantic getaways – agoda.com/romanticgetawayth
  13. Pet friendly – agoda.com/petfriendlyth
  14. Family friendly – agoda.com/familyfriendlyth
  15. Mountain view retreats – agoda.com/mountainviewretreatsth
  16. Unique Thai countryside – agoda.com/uniquethaicountryside