Minsu Stays in Jiufen Area of New Taipei City


If you’re planning to travel to Taipei Metropolitan Area, you might want to book a stay at a traditional Taiwanese minsu in the well-known and picturesque Jiufen area. New Taipei City encloses the capital of Taipei City and is also home to the Jiufen area, which used to be a mountain gold mining town. Today, it’s known for its many landmarks, old-world ambience, dining scene, and welcoming minsu establishments. Many of the structures in Jiufen retain their late 19th century allure, including some of the area’s minsu.

If you want to enjoy a culturally immersive Jiufen experience during your visit to Taipei City, consider booking a stay at a minsu. Agoda makes booking easy. Find a minsu that offers the amenities you’re looking for and reserve your accommodations. There’s so much to see and do in Taipei City, but minsu establishments provide a relaxing place to call home while you’re visiting.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City

Taipei City and Jiufen Area Highlights

Taipei City is the most populous city in Taiwan; in fact, this global city brims with skyscrapers and a myriad of modern attractions. The Jiufen area, however, is a bit different as it has largely retained its old-fashioned mountain charm. Founded in the 1890s, the Jiufen area began as a gold mining town in the mountains. Its proximity to Taipei City has allowed it to become a popular destination for tourists in search of a less congested atmosphere.

Jiufen is especially famous for its ocean views and picturesque location. It features many alleyways and narrow lanes as well as an eclectic range of souvenir shops, teahouses, and cafes. There are tours of the area as well as local festivals that draw many visitors. Often compared to the setting of the film Spirited Away, Jiufen boasts an air of enchantment that makes it a popular place to explore when visiting Taipei Metropolitan Area.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City

Minsu Stay in Jiufen

Why stay at a Jiufen minsu? Many travelers automatically seek out minsu when staying in Jiufen or elsewhere in Taipei City. Quite similar in style and amenities to Western B&Bs, these small inns are Taiwan’s answer to a B&B. Each features its own unique style. Some are more traditionally styled than others, but most are less expensive than hotels.

Minsu are designed to provide guests with a cozy, home-like stay. Many minsu feature relaxing courtyards and patios where guests can dine or relax outdoors. It’s not uncommon for minsu to provide shared kitchens so that guests can cook if they like. Most minsu offer a wide range of amenities like daily cleaning, fresh linens, free Wi-fi, concierge services, and much more. Remember, Agoda makes it easy to find a minsu that offers the location and amenities you’re searching for. The following are some of the most respected minsu in the Jiufen area.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City-Windsor’s Breeze

Windsor’s Breeze

Travelers will be hard-pressed to find a minsu with more stunning views than what they’ll find at Windsor’s Breeze. This minsu features an upscale home-like atmosphere with stylish rooms and opulent furnishings. Some of the rooms feature stunning views. Others boast amenities such as refrigerators. All the rooms are cozy and decorated more like boutique hotel rooms than one expects to find in traditional minsu. For this reason, Windsor’s Breeze promises guests an immersive minsu experience complemented by upscale ambience.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City-Good Time

Good Time

Comfortable, clean, elegant-Good Time promises guests an inviting environment. Rooms are airy and beautifully decorated. Some feature enchanting sea views. A 5-star property, Good Time brims with amenities Wi-Fi in all rooms, air conditioning, coffee and tea, and televisions in select rooms. This minsu is conveniently located near popular restaurants and tea houses.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City-Shi Shan Shui Zen B&B

Shi Shan Shui Zen B&B

Perched on a hillside, Shi Shan Shui Zen B&B features a traditionally styled building that brims with traditional charm. Some of its rooms open onto a terrace. Others feature select amenities like televisions and refrigerators. Guests of the minsu enjoy its country inn-like ambience and rustic surroundings. The minsu’s large windows allow for plenty of natural light while interior spaces are airy and igniting with their comfortable furnishings.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City-Jiuju B&B

Jiuju B&B

Clean, cozy, and captivating, Jiuju B&B is a 3-star property that features ultra-comfortable rooms and convenient shared spaces. Guests of the minsu will enjoy its views of the sea and windswept coast. Situated in a quaint neighborhood, the minsu promises an immersive, home-like experience. Amenities include free Wi-fi, air conditioning, and attentive staff. There are also many dining hotspots in the area.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City-Qu Hi Homestay

Qu Hi Homestay

Featuring many traditional Asian accents and decorative features, Qu Hi Homestay is perfect for travelers who want a rich cultural experience. This minsu offers stunning views of the city and coast. Its public spaces and private rooms are designed with comfort in mind. Its surrounding environment is also noteworthy with its strewn lanterns and quaint walkways.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City-Windsor’s Han-Guan

Windsor’s Han-Guan

Windsor’s Han-Guan is an elegant minsu that brims with tasteful decor and arresting views of the ocean and surrounding landscapes. Although more modern than many local minsu, it also boasts traditional touches like wood-paneled rooms and beams. Its home-like ambience promises guests a cheerful and welcoming stay. The staff of this minsu are incredibly attentive and can direct guests to the best local eateries and shops. This 4-star property features amenities such as free Wi-fi, daily cleaning, refrigerators (in some guest rooms), and more.

Minsu Stay in Taipei City

Things to Do in Jiufen

With its location in the mountains and jaw dropping views of the sea, Jiufen attracts many visitors from the more congested areas of Taipei City. Jiufen‘s more old-fashioned ambience is evident in its narrow streets and alleyways. A fun area to explore, Jiufen features many things to see and do, including:

Tea at the Amei Teahouse

As an iconic landmark of Jiufen, tea at Amei Teahouse is a must. The terraced tea house boasts stunning views of the city and mountains and is itself a stunning view. The teahouse is world-famous for its tea service and its ambience is unlike anywhere else. Call ahead to make your reservation as the teahouse is a popular destination.

Explore Jiufen Old Street

Lantern-strewn Jiufen Old Street is invariably crowded owing to its narrow lane, but an extraordinary experience nonetheless. The street is filled with pottery shops, food and snack stands, tea houses, cafes, artisan shops, souvenir shops, and so much more.

Take a Tour

Jiufen tours will help you locate the best spots in Jiufen for sightseeing, dining, shopping, and learning about the area’s unique history. Of course, many visitors simply enjoy strolling along the winding streets of Jiufen and wandering into whatever shops and cafes that strike their fancy. Your minsu may also provide information about where to find the best traditional fare and budget-friendly souvenirs.

Travelers can rely on Agoda to help them find the best minsu in the Jiufen area of Taipei City. Agoda makes it easy to book a hotel or guest accommodation all over the world. Taipei City also features a staggering array of hotels and resorts. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the culture and live like a local, staying at a minsu is your best option–and Jiufen’s minsu are particularly popular with tourists.

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