Osaka Travel: Historic Landmarks, Attractions & Hotels in Tennoji

Tennoji MIO shopping mall in Osaka, Japan

The historic Tennoji district contains some of the best things to do in Osaka as well as some of the most affordable hotels and hostels. Spend a day with the family at Osaka Tennoji Zoo and watch the sunset from the observation platform at the Abeno Harukas skyscraper.

Shitennoji temple_Osaka_Japan

Main attractions and landmarks in Tennoji

Abeno Harukas: view the Osaka skyline, as well as Osaka Bay and parts of Kobe and Wakayama Prefecture, from the Harukas 300 observatory on the 58th, 59th and 60th floors of the tallest building in Osaka.

Tennoji-koen Park: spend a quiet afternoon with nature in this sprawling green space that contains a pond, the Osaka City Museum, ancient burial grounds and a tribute to the great samurai warrior, Sanada Yukimura.

Osaka City Museum: view ancient artifacts and sculptures in an open setting that drifts into picturesque Keitakuen Garden, where you can stroll through native flora and fauna and refresh yourself in a Japanese teahouse.

Osaka Tennoji Zoo: go from the savannah to a rainforest while viewing more than 200 species of endangered and protected animals from around the world.

Shitennoji: tour a 6th-century temple enshrouded by natural forestry. While the temple buildings of this tourist attraction have been reconstructed, the ancient temple grounds maintain their historic appeal.

Abeno Cues Town_Abeno Q-s Mall_Osaka_Japan

Best places to shop

Tennoji MIO: enjoy tax-free shopping in more than 380 shops in this mega mall directly linked to Tennoji Station.

Abeno Cues Town: pick up trendy fashions from stores like Uniqlo and Tokyu Hands on the five floors of this shopping complex that contains Abeno Q’s Mall, Rocktown live music venue and Bic Camera.

Shitennoji Flea Market: buy local handicrafts, street food and pottery on the 21st and 22nd of every month near Shitennoji temple.


Kushikatsu and kushiage

Matcha ice cream

Best restaurants and Japanese food

Yamachan: order take-away from this street food vendor recommended by Michelin for its takoyaki served with a variety of house-made soups.

Kushikatsu Daruma Shinsekai: kushikatsu, also called kushiage, is essentially bite-sized foods that are skewered, battered and deep-fried. Mix and match meats, vegetables and fish for a hearty snack after a night out in Shinsekai.

Nana’s green tea: sample Japanese green tea and matcha-flavored desserts in this non-smoking tea room in Uehommachi YUFURA at Osaka-Uehommachi Station.


Best nightlife

Taneyoshi: enjoy a beer with locals at this tachinomi (standing bar) where the specialty is a pepper-laden slab of tofu called jigokudofu (hell’s tofu).

Shinsekai: take your pick of izakaya (Japanese bars) in a retro neighborhood modeled after New York and Paris.


Tennoji Station is one of the main terminals in Tennoji and provides direct connections to Nara, Kansai International Airport and Wakayama.

Osaka-Abenobashi Station runs under Abeno Harukas and is the terminal station for passengers arriving from Asuka and Yoshino.

Check In to a hotel or hostel near Tennoji Station

Hotel Bureau Shitennoji

Tanimachi LUXE HOTEL

Toyoko Inn Osaka Abeno Tennoji

Step Out to Tennoji

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