Longshan Temple Info: A Guide to Longshan Temple in Taipei

Located in the Wanhua District of Taipei, Taiwan the Longshan Temple is a beautiful temple that sees both local and foreign visitors. Though the current building is not the original as the Longshan Temple has been rebuilt a few times (most recently after WW2), there has been a temple in place at this location for hundreds of years, making it a special place of worship for descendants of settlers to the area.

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Longshan Temple souvenirs, fees & dress code

Also known as the Mengjia Longshan Temple, the Longshan Temple holds many historical festivals throughout the year, and the area surrounding the temple is also home to street vendors, antique shops, medicine shops, as well as shops that sell Buddhist religious items. For visitors to the Longshan Temple, it might be worth seeking out one of these local shops for your souvenirs or gifts for family and, in this way, you can honor the temple as you keep it and the people of Taipei in your memories when you return home.

The Longshan Temples are beautifully decorated buildings that were built to honor a variety of deities, and to provide a place of worship for Buddhists and Taoists alike. There is no fee to enter the temple, but they do accept donations and, it is good to remember, that whenever you are visiting a religious site, it’s best to be respectful and remember that you are entering a sacred area — so manners and politeness are a must. While there is no dress code at Longshan Temple presentable clothing is best, so do keep that in mind before you set out on your journey through Taiwan.

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Shopping & things to do near Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is both a thriving historical site that was built to be an honorable place of worship, and it remains so today. The busy temple is a haven for locals looking for peace in their busy daily lives, and a beautiful reprieve from the very modern world that surrounds the temple. There is much to see and do in and around the Longshan Temple and its location makes hotels that are nearby a great home base for visitors to the area. The temple is located nearby the famous Ximending shopping district and is within transit range of many other great sites in Taiwan. Here are just a few suggestions for great attractions to see in the area.

  • Guangzhou Street Night Market: If you are looking for a more traditional night market experience, the Guangzhou Street Night Market is a great choice and is located just down the street from Longshan Temple. With games and great food options, brush elbows with locals as you explore.
  • Snake Alley: If you are an adventurous traveler, then look no further than Snake Alley (also called the Huaxi Street Night Market). This market features local dishes and delicacies, including snake blood and meat, and other rare foods that are hard to find anywhere else.
  • Mangka Park: Located right outside of the Longshan Temple this park is beloved by locals and often features chess players locked in heated battles over the chessboard. Stop by and have a watch as the masters

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Best places to eat near Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is surrounded by great places to eat, and vendors who sell street food for purchase if you are adventurous or prefer to eat as the locals do. There are also great options for sit-down restaurants available near the Longshan Temple, so if you feel like getting out of the crowds and into a more intimate setting for a while. Why not take a break and go get some food at one of the great, local restaurants as you explore Taiwan, and eat some wonderful Taiwanese food while you’re at it?

  • Ji Yuan Vegetarian: If you’re looking for a healthier option for food, then consider stepping into Ji Yuan Vegetarian, which is located just beside the Longshan Temple. The restaurant may be small, but it’s big on taste. Order the dumplings or ask if they have any seasonal dishes to enjoy.
  • Fuzhou Yuanzu Hujiao Bing: Known for traditional Taiwanese dishes, this restaurant is enjoyed by locals and tourists to the area. Known for its pepper bun (hujiao bing), this eatery is located right beside the Longshan Temple.
  • Liang Xi Hao Squid Thick Soup: This restaurant is frequented by locals and best known for its thick soup. Located right next to the Longshan Temple, step in and enjoy some comforting soup while you visit Taipei.

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Bars, lounges, & nightlife near Longshan Temple

Though Longshan Temple is a place of contemplation and worship, it is also ideally located in Taipei, which means there is both a lively night market life, and bar life very near this temple. Tourist and locals can enjoy from a great selection of nightlife options near Long Shan.

  • AMATO: Right outside of the Ximen Metro Station, AMATO is a short Metro ride away from the Longshan Temple and is known for its relaxed atmosphere and great cocktails. Stop by if you’re looking for a nice drink after a long day of exploring.
  • CRAYON Speakeasy Bar: Enjoy the intimate setting of this bar, a local haunt with world-wide appeal. With great drinks and an inviting atmosphere, this bar is a short transit ride away from the Longshan Temple.
  • Café Dalida: This bar is a short transit ride away from the Longshan Temple, right beside the Ximen Metro Station and boasts outdoor seating, great music, and inexpensive drinks. If you’re looking for a place to relax, Café Dalida might be just the place for you.

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Transportation options at Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is ideally situated near the Longshan Temple Metro Station, meaning it is easy to travel to this location, and also makes accessing the rest of Taipei simple. The Taipei Metro is a great tool for visitors to the area as it makes traveling around easy and is also inexpensive. Tickets for the metro are available for single trips or for multiple day usage and cost depends on the length of time you need. When in Taipei, consider choosing a hotel near a metro station so you can move easily between different sites.

Taipei also offers local and long-distance bus services and ticket prices are very reasonable, starting at NT $15 (about $0.50 USD). If you prefer, Taxis are also available as a transportation option when you are visiting Taiwan, though the cost is higher than bus or metro. Be sure you only hire a taxi from an official taxi stop and be prepared to pay a flat fee of about NT $70 (about $2.25 USD) for the first 0.8 miles and additional costs for every 273 yards after (NT $5 or about $0.15 USD). The cost for hiring a taxi can vary depending on the distance of your trip and the area of the city where you hire your taxi, so be certain to confirm the rates before heading out on your trip.

If you are looking to travel between cities in Taiwan, Taipei also has multiple rail line operating in the area. The Taiwan High-Speed Rail train is often used for rapid transit for larger distances and the regional Taiwan Rail line is often used for local or shorter trips. Tickets for these trains will vary depending on the distance of your journey and the class of ticket but start from NT $155 ($5 USD).

If you are concerned about travel or are ever unsure which transportation method would be best for you and your needs, you can certainly ask your hotel’s concierge or guest services which transit option would best get you to your destination.

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