A bit about our branding

The story behind our name, our logo, and the Agojis

Believe it or not, “Agoda” is a totally made-up word with no real meaning. When our founders launched the company, they just wanted a unique and catchy name that started with an “a” so it would be more findable on the Internet. It also kind of sounds like “I go to…” and rhymes with “pagoda”—both nice coincidences considering we’re an Asia-based travel company.

The round cartoon characters are the Agojis! They’re the five circles in our logo brought to “life.” The Agoda brand for a long time was just a name and a five-circle logo. But as we grew out of our start-up phase, we needed a more developed brand identity. After several logo evolutions and site revamps, in 2019 we (finally) unveiled a fully realized brand ID, with a modernized logo, official colors and patterns, and the most recognizable part of our visual identity: the Agojis.

The Agojis are nameless, label-less travelers that represent no one and everyone at the same time. We use them in our marketing and also in our internal communications. They even star in their own LINE sticker set, which you can download through the LINE Sticker Shop.

Our Agojis

branding image 1

Evolution of the logo

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