A bit about our branding

About Agoda A bit about our branding

The Agoda name and logo

Believe it or not, Agoda is a totally made-up word with no real meaning. When our founders launched the company, they just wanted a unique and catchy name that started with an “a” so it would be more findable on the Internet. It also kind of sounds like “I go to…” and rhymes with “pagoda”—both nice coincidences considering we’re an Asia-based travel company.

Evolution of the logo

The Agoda logo has also undergone a few revisions since we launched in 2005. Today, it features our custom Agoda font.

The Agojis
The Agojis are our mascots, developed from the five colored circles in the Agoda logo. They started life as featureless dots, and over the years have evolved to have eyes, a mouth, limbs, accessories, and a limitless number of expressions and poses. For years, they have starred in our promotional campaigns, traveling around the world and appearing in a vast range of travel scenarios.
2D Agojis
The first 2D Agojis started out with shorter limbs, representing each color in our logo, and appearing in most of our digital marketing on the Agoda website and app. A refinement on the 2D version saw their limbs grow longer and their facial expressions become ever more refined.
3D Agojis
We recently brought the Agojis into the 3D realm, keeping all their different facial expressions and poses, but adding perfectly spherical bodies. The 3D Agojis now feature in most of our digital marketing and also star in our big brand campaigns, with unique Agoji sets appearing in our Japanese TV commercial with comedy duo Bananaman, as well as our India TV ad with Bollywood star Rashmika Mandanna.
The Agojis in Brand Campaigns

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The Agojis in Brand Campaigns - India

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The Agojis in Brand Campaigns - Japan

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The Agojis in everyday promotional campaigns

The Agojis in Social Media

Across our social media accounts—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok—we use the Agojis in seasonal messages, promotional posts, and, our favorite, Agoda-fied memes.