Osaka Vacation Homes: Popular Neighborhoods & Nearby Holiday Rentals

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Osaka is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture and the second-largest metropolitan area in Japan, after Tokyo. It is known for having a vibrant culture, an easygoing atmosphere, and a wide range of neighborhoods. Osaka vacation homes have unique charms and plenty of activities and landmarks nearby. Some of the most popular neighborhoods for transportation access, sightseeing opportunities, and great vacation rentals are Umeda, Namba, the Shin-Osaka Station area, and Tennoji. Here is a quick guide to each of these neighborhoods as well as a look at some of the top rental homes available nearby.

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Osaka Vacation Homes | Umeda

Umeda is considered to be the daytime heart of Osaka. It is comprised of the areas surrounding Osaka Station and Umeda Station and functions as a major hub for transportation as well, as most of the city’s main train lines meet at these two stations. It is also the best neighborhood to experience the full extent of the city’s shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. Tourists come to Umeda to see the flashy and fast-paced side of Osaka, complete with high-fashion storefronts and fine dining restaurants. There is no shortage of popular landmarks and fun activities to try in Umeda.

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Things to do in Umeda

  • Ride the iconic HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel at the HEP FIVE shopping and entertainment complex. The Ferris wheel emerges from the top of the complex and provides incredible views of Osaka. In fact, you can see as far as the neighboring city of Kobe.
  • Enjoy even more bird’s-eye views of the city from the walkway on the 40th floor of Umeda Sky Building. A popular activity for couples is to buy a padlock and lock it to the walkway to symbolize their lasting love.
  • Go shopping at Grand Front Osaka, a trendy shopping complex just north of Osaka Station. The complex is made up of multiple high-rise buildings housing a wide variety of shops and restaurants. It is a true one-stop shopping destination.
  • Visit Ohatsu Tenjin Shrine to learn a bit about Osaka‘s culture and history. Built over 1,300 years ago, it is the guardian shrine of the Umeda area. The shrine is popular among local residents, particularly couples.
  • Pokemon fans should pay a visit to Pokemon Center Osaka, a large store brimming with Pokemon merchandise and collectibles. Find Pokemon-themed clothing, snacks, stationery, and everything a Pokemon trainer needs for adventures.

Liz2 Free Parking Osaka station Nakazakicho


Umeda Sky Building With Rooftop View


Top holiday rentals near Umeda

  • Liz2 Free Parking Osaka station Nakazakicho: Featuring a unique modern/traditional mix design, this one-bedroom rental apartment is set up to accommodate as many as seven guests. It is located in the heart of Umeda near numerous shops and restaurants and just one minute away from Nakazakicho Station.
  • D218. IRORI HOUSE: Traveling with a large group of friends or family members? This four-bedroom, two-bathroom house can sleep up to 20 people! It has a full kitchen and a beautiful garden, making it ideal for longer stays. Access to Umeda is six minutes by train from Kanzakigawa Station.
  • Umeda Sky Building With Rooftop View: Featuring four bedrooms that can sleep up to 12 guests, this spacious apartment provides easy access to must-see attractions like Umeda Sky Building. It is just a five-minute walk from both Umeda Station and Osaka Station.

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Osaka Vacation Homes | Namba

Located in the south of Osaka, Namba is the city’s second major hub and most famous entertainment district. It is centered around Namba Station and Daikokucho Station, offering easy access to the rest of Osaka. This neighborhood provides a contrasting feel to Umeda, as it has more traditional architecture and is home to some of Osaka‘s most popular shrines. There are always different cultural events and activities going on in Namba, and street food is plentiful and affordable. You’ll also find many stores and markets where you can pick up unique Japanese goods and souvenirs.

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Things to do in Namba

  • Make a wish at Hozenji Temple by pouring water over the statue of Fudo Myo-o, a Buddhist deity. People from all over Japan and even from all over the world come to pour water on the statue, which has caused it to become completely covered in moss.
  • Get your seafood and sushi craving fix at Kuromon Market, a covered shopping street where you can buy all manner of fresh seafood as well as meat, fruits, and vegetables. The market is known as “Osaka’s kitchen” for the wide variety of ingredients and dishes available there.
  • Check out the entertainment district of Dotonbori, one of Osaka‘s most popular hangouts. The street is lined with shops, restaurants, street food vendors, and theaters that are lit up by colorful neon signs at night.
  • Pick up some more goodies, food, and souvenirs at Shinsaibashi-suji, Osaka‘s second-most popular shopping street. You’ll find a diverse range of shops here, from flagship department stores to quirky independent boutiques.
  • Experience some Japanese culture and history at Namba Yasaka Shrine, a popular Shinto shrine known for its gigantic lion’s head statue. The lion’s head with its gaping maw is believed to swallow evil spirits and bring good luck.

Olfea Namba X 303



Top holiday rentals near Namba

  • Olfea Namba X 303: This one-bedroom rental apartment comes with two semi double beds and one sofa bed to sleep up to six guests. Enjoy a one-minute walk to Daikokucho Station as well as easy access to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife.
  • LAND MARK NAMBA D: Five guests can comfortably stay at this spacious, family-friendly studio apartment. It features a fully equipped kitchen and washing machine and is located just minutes from Daikokucho Station.
  • RN43 Great location 1min from Kuromon! Namba: Stay near Nippombashi Station surrounded by numerous restaurants and bars by choosing this cozy one-bedroom apartment. With two semi double beds and one sofa bed, it can sleep up to five people.
  • D209.905 Modern House near Namba: Another property offering easy access to Daikokucho Station, this vacation rental comes with one double bed and two sofa beds to sleep as many as five people. There are supermarkets and convenience stores located nearby.

RN43 Great location 1min from Kuromon! Namba

D209.905 Modern House near Namba


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Osaka Vacation Homes | Shin-Osaka Station

If you travel to Osaka via bullet train, then you will arrive at Shin-Osaka Station. This station is a transportation gateway into Osaka while also providing access to the rest of the country. It serves as the eastern terminus for the Tokaido bullet train line, connecting Osaka to Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto. It also serves as the western terminus for the Sanyo bullet train line, connecting Osaka to Okayama, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka. The station itself is relatively small, making it easy for even first-time travelers to navigate. There is plenty to see and do both inside and outside Shin-Osaka Station.

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Things to do near Shin-Osaka Station

  • Shop and dine at EKI MARCHÉ SHIN-OSAKA, an indoor mall with more than 35 shops and restaurants located inside the station itself. You’ll find numerous specialty Japanese goods and famous Osaka foods such as octopus dumplings, meat skewers, Kobe beef bento boxes, and fried rice omelets.
  • Enjoy a quiet moment at a couple of nearby shrines. Both Nakajimasosha Shrine and Sainoki Shrine are just a few minutes’ walk from the station. Nakajimasosha Shrine is a quick walk from the station’s East Gate while Sainoki Shrine lies near the South Ticket Gate.
  • Dine at one of the numerous restaurants surrounding the station to see why Osaka is known for its food culture. Adventurous foodies will definitely want to try traditionally-prepared eel at Unagiya Unagi while cocktail lovers should head to Bar 19 at the Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Hotel.

1 Bedroom Japanese Room in Shin-Osaka3

JPN modern APT Shin-Osaka GRY


Top holiday rentals near Shin-Osaka Station

  • 1 Bedroom Japanese Room in Shin-Osaka3: With one double and two single beds, this traditional style rental apartment is a great choice for groups of four on a sightseeing tour of Osaka. The room comes with a kitchenette, and there is a laundromat in the building.
  • JPN modern APT Shin-Osaka GRY: Groups of three will sleep comfortably in this cozy rental apartment that features one single and one double bed. It also comes with a kitchenette.

Check In to JPN modern APT Shin-Osaka GRY, Step Out to Shin-Osaka Station

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Osaka Vacation Homes | Tennoji

Formerly a residential district of southeast Osaka, Tennoji has undergone a revitalization in recent years. It is a wonderful district to visit if you are interested in Japanese culture and history but want to experience the modern side of Japan as well. It is also known for its beautiful shrines and ample green spaces. The neighborhood is centered around Tennoji Station, which offers quick and easy access to many shops and restaurants. Tennoji is a compact neighborhood that is fun and easy to explore on foot. From Tennoji Station it is also a very quick ride to both the Umeda and Namba neighborhoods.

Osaka Vacation Homes-Japan-holiday rentals-Tennoji-Abeno Harukas

Things to do in Tennoji

  • Head up to the observation deck of Abeno Harukas, the tallest skyscraper in the whole country. Standing 984 feet tall, Abeno Harukas offers fantastic views of the entire metropolitan area. The view is particularly beautiful after the sun sets.
  • Visit the 1,400-year-old Shitennoji Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan. The temple grounds are free to explore while a small fee is required to visit the inner precinct and garden. It is located just northeast of Tennoji Station.
  • Let loose in the retro entertainment district of Shinsekai, which showcases an offbeat mix of western and Japanese designs from the early 1900s. There is plenty of cheap food and many affordable bars here, as well as a few more higher-end restaurants.
  • Unwind in Tennoji Park, a serene green space in the middle of the bustling city complete with a picturesque pond. Join the locals in having a picnic and stop by Tennoji Zoo while you are there.

Osaka Vacation Homes-Japan-holiday rentals-D202-1. Shinsekai 5min! Abeno Harukas/Tennoji 8min

Traditional Japanese home in Tennoji

D202-1. Shinsekai 5min! Abeno Harukas/Tennoji 8min: For small groups or families of four looking to visit Tennoji, this one-bedroom apartment offers everything you need for your stay. It is located on a convenient shopping street just a few minutes’ walk from Tennoji Station.


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