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Agoda is an online travel platform that brings high-value and rewarding travel experiences to people all over the world through the Agoda app and Agoda website. Our mission is to empower everyone to be a traveler by offering affordable deals on hotels, flights, activities, and more, with an Agoda booking experience that is hassle-free from start to finish. Since the Agoda company was founded in 2005, we’ve made searching and booking travel as easy and stress-free as it should be. Agoda is now considered one of Asia’s leading travel-tech companies with millions of registered customers supported by a truly diverse team of more than 6,700 people in 31 markets and Agoda customer service available 24/7.

Visitor Numbers

In accordance with Agoda.com obligations under the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA), we estimate that the average monthly recipients* of the Agoda.com service in the European Union from 1 February 2023 up to and including 31 July2023, is well below 45 million.

This is only an estimate and is based on the data available to Agoda.com at this time, and the limited guidance in the DSA. This estimate is required to be published under the DSA and should not be used for any other purpose. The methodologies used to estimate average monthly recipients as defined in the DSA require significant judgement and design inputs, are subject to data and other limitations, and inherently are subject to statistical variances and uncertainties. This estimate may be revised upwards or downwards as Agoda.com refines its approach and in response to the publication of methodology by the European Commission.

Please refer to the website for metrics we consider relevant to Agoda.com’s business.

* ‘recipient of service’ is defined under the DSA to mean “any natural or legal person who uses an intermediary service, in particular for the purposes of seeking information and making it accessible”. This requires counting users to whom information was displayed by the Agoda.com service, even if that user did not make a transaction.

Agoda Platform-to-Business (P2B) Complaint Handling Annual Report (EEA)

For the period: 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.

Complaints received in the EEA: 1,514 from 209,944 partners.

Complaints received were related to the following areas:

  • 45% booking rate/price related.
  • 42% payment related.
  • 11% system issues/bug related.
  • 2% property status/content related.

We resolved 100% of the complaints in 2022, of which:

  • 68% of the cases were resolved within 3 days.
  • 20% of the cases were resolved within 4-7 days.
  • 12% of the cases required 7 days or more for resolution.

From January 2022 to date, no mediation cases have been filed by any partner in the EEA.

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Some big moments
in our journey

Early 2000s
Robert Rosenstein and Michael Kenny start talking about how they can work together.
Robert invests in Michael’s travel start-up and the two entrepreneurs form a partnership.
Agoda.com launches in Singapore with 7,000 hotels in Asia and 33,000 worldwide.
Agoda is acquired by Booking Holdings [NASDAQ: BKNG], then known as Priceline Group [NASDAQ: PCLN].
Michael Kenny retires, Robert Rosenstein becomes CEO.
Agoda inventory passes 200,000 hotels.
Qlika, an Israeli start-up, is acquired by Booking Holdings and merged with Agoda.
Agoda surpasses a major milestone in daily bookings, allowing the company to rapidly experiment and innovate.
John Brown, who joined Agoda in 2012 as CPO, is appointed CEO.
Agoda Flights launches
Agoda launches an updated brand identity.
Agoda launches new products in response to the pandemic’s impact on travel: ASQ pages for Asian cities, Go Local and Go Local Tonight for domestic stays, Easy Cancel, and Hygiene Plus.
Agoda inventory reaches 2.9M hotels and homes in 56,000 cities worldwide, with a website and app in 38 languages, and customer care in 16 languages.
Omri Morgenshtern becomes CEO. John Brown becomes Chairman.